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Journey from being a passionate problem solver to being an unstoppable coach

Dear Reader,

What comes to your mind when you hear the word problem… Pause, give yourself a 30 sec and think about it. Isn’t it a common word that one faces every day?  So what’s new about it?

Here is a story to share …

As a child I loved solving maths problems and it is still one of my favourite subject even today and some of you may agree that it is for you as well. Whenever I solved a math problem, I felt like I have won something, like winning against myself for pushing to solve something that I thought was difficult and cannot do it and loved all my math teachers in school as they made the subject so interesting that my love for math continued to get deeper and it reflected in my answers sheets and other areas of my life. 

As I grew up to a high school student, enjoyed group studies as I made the subjects simpler to understand for my friends which helped all of us to do well  and choose to move on to careers that interested us and the love for solving problems continued… deepened and unconsciously I got passionate about it.

Life as a Technical Engineer in IT Infrastructure space is an unstoppable game, continuous churning of solving incidents, identifying root cause, making changes for permanent resolution and all this churned through processes and collaboration of team work, and this scaled up to resolve differences in the team, working on self and individual team members and the journey continued in playing different roles for 18 long years in IT Infrastructure space.

Leap of faith

The journey in personal and family space is no different that of work life and there was a time when things around me did not move as per my timeline, certain challenges thrown at me for which I wasn’t prepared or rather I did not know how to deal with them. It was time to halt, step back and do things differently rather create a difference.  Stepped out from IT Infrastructure space, joined an Education center to work with children as learning facilitator for an after school program closer to home such that I could balance my time with family and continue my career journey.  I took a leap of faith into something new, that I knew nothing about it but the passionate problem solver within me was so strong that helped me make connections on the observations that I made during the work that I did with children. 

I observed children’s behavior as actions that were related to feelings, emotions and thinking and any change to the action or behavior needs a change in their feelings, emotions or thinking for a permanent change to happen at an unconsciously level and this was achieved through the after school program that was designed. This whole process brought a lot of similarity to the processes that were executed at work related to IT technical problems. i.e Incident management->Problem Management-> Root cause-> Change Management. 

 Consciously or unconsciously we are churning this wheel continuously as a life process. So why this story ………

Learning is consequence of thinking

The word PROBLEM evolved around me as a child, high school student, professional and personal life and did not box me and through this process I learnt and developed many skills, of being curious, creative, reasoning through logical and analytical thinking, strategy, solution and being successful in every role played in personal and professional life.  The letters of the word P-R-O-B-L-E-M spoke to each other and communicated .


Coaching Journey

This journey has taken me to next level to work as a coach with professionals, children, women with lot more awareness, being grounded, making connections, listening for patterns of processing, synthesis, connections and conflict, and operating on a fundamental principle that “ People  have all the resources to make any change”  thus enabling an individual to function more effectively.  

I love the below quote from Tim Gallwey and do reflect on what’s my inner game?

There is always an inner game being played in your mind no matter what outer game you are playing. How aware you are of this game can make the difference between success and failure in the outer game. 

Invite you to reflect on your inner game….     Thank You

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